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Formed in late 2015 in Southern California, Dead Cross has grown to become one of the most prolific rock groups in modern Northern America. Principal members of the group at the start were the bassist Justin Pearson, the guitarist Mike Crain, the vocalist Mike Patton, and the drummer Dave Lombardo. The idea to form the group came from Gabe Serbian who had worked with the Locust and Retox. Dead Cross made their initial live appearance in December of the same year. Their first song off the studio was produced in March 2016 and was titled ‘we’ll sleep when they are Dead.' Serbian later left the group after recording with them; however, the rest of the members decided not to release the album with his work on it. Therefore, they went back to the studio and recorded the new vocals member of the group called Mike Patton. This new member also wrote some new lyrics to the album. They hired the services of Ross Robinson to complete and master the album that is expected to be released on August 4, 2017. Pearson and Patton also have their own albums that are set to be released on the same date. Patton's album is called Ipecac Recordings while that of Pearson is titled Three One G label. The only other tune that has been released from the album is Shillelagh (which means an Irish stick) that was released on Sain Patrick’s day in this year. Patton is yet to perform with the group but is expected to do so at the launching of the album and the Riot Fest in Chicago in September. Many of the songs in the expected album are heavy metal and hardcore punk genres. The work is ready and set to be released on the set date, although the group is tight-lipped about the details of the album.

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